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A Diaper Party

It seems everyone around me is expecting which is so exciting.  I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with my kids I started planning.  It is almost as much work planning for a new baby as it is to plan a Wedding.  There are lots of decisions to make from what crib bedding to buy, what kind of clothes to buy and what items to buy.  It all gets over whelming but it is so much fun planning and decorating the nursery.

For your first baby, you pretty much need to go out and buy all the necessities from swings, to excersaucers to clothes and creams.  For my first born (my son), I had two baby showers and received lots of cool gifts, but then it came to my second baby (a daughter) and family and friends started asking me what I need.  Well if you saw my house, we really didn’t need anything but girl clothes.  The thing I wanted most was diapers.  Yeah they don’t sound that exciting but the cost of diapers, especially with two kids in diapers got a little pricey.  Most people bought us some cute girl clothes but, we did receive some diapers which put a smile on my face.  Now when I am invited to a baby shower and depending on my budget for a gift, 85% of the time I buy diapers.

If you are an expecting parent and want to have a unique creative baby shower, then instead of your traditional party, have a DIAPER PARTY!!  You may ask, what is a diaper party? Well instead of your guests bringing a gift of their choice, they bring you a pack or box of diapers.  Not so exciting but you can spice this party up by having games that include diapers, such as guess the “poop” in the diaper (melted chocolate bars”), and having a diaper cake as your table center.  Depending on the number of guests you will have diapers for a few months.

Here are a few pictures from Diaper Cakes & Other Makes.



If your looking for a Diaper Cake for your next Baby Shower or Event, check out Diaper Cakes & Other Makes facebook page at!/pages/Diaper-cakes-other-makes-by-Krystina-Hick/169934359716124.  Krystina Hick makes beautiful diaper cakes:)


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The end of November I planned a 1 year old’s birthday party.  What do you do for a one year old that isn’t crazy expensive but yet keeps the kids entertained?  After looking around at different locations, I found the Kinsmen Center at Sherwood Park.   They have a huge play room that you can rent out for a couple of hours.  All the kids had a blast and I would highly recommend it:)



t was a Princess Party so of course the cake had to represent the Princess Theme.   Angela’s Creative Creations made the cake.    You can visit her page on facebook at!/pages/Angelas-creative-creations/112333512124111


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As 2010 is coming to an end, the question will be what new trends will we be seeing in 2011?


A trend that we might see for either a wedding or corporate event would be mixing the different shape and sizes of the tables.  Instead of having your regular circular tables, opt for using triangular and square tables alongside with the circular tables.  This could be a trend that can switch things up from your more traditional structured event and be quite unique.


Listening to the news and hearing about all the tragedies happening in the world can leave some of us sick to our stomachs.  From Hurricane Katrina to The Haiti Earthquake and the most recent one the Explosion at the Mexican Resort, why not get away from the traditional gift and get your guests to donate money to a charity of their choice.  This is a great way to help others in need instead of getting serving dish that you don’t need!


A trend that is becoming more and more popular is the “Lounge” “Nightclub” feel.   Dump the “Assigned” seating chart and have the biggest gala on the block.  Design a setting where the guests can socialize and party the night way but still be able to sit down in a tasteful atmosphere. This trend is a great way to make sure the party goes on all night long.


I remember when I got married back in 2006, I went to view our venue and there was a wedding set up with Brown and Pink.  I had mixed feelings regarding these two wedding colors together but it became a very popular trend.  However, it is now fading into history and new color trends are emerging such as the color “Grey”.   Grey can be mixed with all sorts of colors such as yellow, blush and lime green.

A very popular color that will always be a trend is your traditional black and white.  Most people will put Red with these colors but in the upcoming year you will see more bold colors such as teal, yellow and lime green.


The shopaholic that I am I happened to stumble upon a website today called Simply Dresses ( and found a very unique dress that could be used for any special occasion.  The funny part is after I saw this dress, I was on facebook and this dress came up on my newsfeed from a page that I have “liked”.    The dress is a detachable dress; it can be worn long and can be torn off into a short cocktail dress.  I thought this dress would be the perfect bridesmaid dress.  You could wear it long for the ceremony and turn it into a cocktail dress to dance the night away.  The best part about this site is that they ship to Canada…YAY!!

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A Murder Mystery

Instead of having a Halloween Party, spice things up and have a Murder Mystery Party.   A couple years ago, my husband and I decided to try out a Murder Mystery Party and it was a big hit.  We had about 10 people at it and everyone thought it was a riot.  It was then last year we decided to try it again and now it has become an annual party and seems to get bigger and bigger as the years go on.

This year was a Western Theme.   It took place in the 1800’s in a small town called Cactus Gulch in which was coming up to it’s 20th anniversary.   It was certain that the railroad was arriving at Cactus Gulch that would connect to San Francisco but it was uncertain of which railroad company was going to get it.  It was a toss up between Mid West Rail or South West Rail Company.   There was a piece of land called Fat Bull Range which was owned by Zeke Calhoun who was the founder of Cactus Gulch but there was a poker game a week prior that Zeke may have lost it.   Judge Paulson was in town to make the final decision as Zeke was murdered.

Murder Mystery Parties are a great way to get people out of their shells and to mingle with people that they don’t know.   This party was a huge success.

To turn your house or room into the Scene of your Party, you can get Add-Ons and Scene Setters from local party stores

To keep it in the theme we served Beef on a Bun, Coleslaw, Veggies and Chips and decorated the table with Cowboy Hats

Here is a picture of the Cast.  Thanks to everyone that were able to make it and make this party a success!

Back Row from Left to Right:

Clem Parham, Slick O’Hare, Elijah Entwhistle, Etta Johnson, Ruby Sapphire, Kalamata Kate, Blaise Sadler, Widder James,  Able Blane (Sheriff), Mel Easton

Middle Row from Left to Right:

Marco the Memerizing Magician, The Bartender, Doc Faraday, Three Feathers, Runs Like A Deer, Dan Fairweather, O’l Barr, Christy Martin

Front Row from Left to Right:

Robert Burnaby, Soon Li, Lucy Calhoun, Judge Paulson, Frederick Lloyd

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Small Business Fair in Colchester

On Saturday October 2, 2010 I was a vendor in the first Colchester Small Business Fair.  It was put on by Erika Gray, who did a stand up job of organizing it.  We kicked it off at 9am and shut it down at 5:30pm.  There were a lot of vendors which included Arbonne, Stella & Dot, Clips by Casandra, Fit Logic Fitness, By Design Photography and much more.  It was a successful day overall and we look forward to next years event.

As this was my first show of any kind that I was part in and I only had two 2×2 tables to work with, I came up with a quick and easy and low cost way to make my table look appealing.  Here are a few photos of my table.  I needed a ballot box and decided to use a kleenex box since it had the same color scheme.

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