A Diaper Party

It seems everyone around me is expecting which is so exciting.  I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with my kids I started planning.  It is almost as much work planning for a new baby as it is to plan a Wedding.  There are lots of decisions to make from what crib bedding to buy, what kind of clothes to buy and what items to buy.  It all gets over whelming but it is so much fun planning and decorating the nursery.

For your first baby, you pretty much need to go out and buy all the necessities from swings, to excersaucers to clothes and creams.  For my first born (my son), I had two baby showers and received lots of cool gifts, but then it came to my second baby (a daughter) and family and friends started asking me what I need.  Well if you saw my house, we really didn’t need anything but girl clothes.  The thing I wanted most was diapers.  Yeah they don’t sound that exciting but the cost of diapers, especially with two kids in diapers got a little pricey.  Most people bought us some cute girl clothes but, we did receive some diapers which put a smile on my face.  Now when I am invited to a baby shower and depending on my budget for a gift, 85% of the time I buy diapers.

If you are an expecting parent and want to have a unique creative baby shower, then instead of your traditional party, have a DIAPER PARTY!!  You may ask, what is a diaper party? Well instead of your guests bringing a gift of their choice, they bring you a pack or box of diapers.  Not so exciting but you can spice this party up by having games that include diapers, such as guess the “poop” in the diaper (melted chocolate bars”), and having a diaper cake as your table center.  Depending on the number of guests you will have diapers for a few months.

Here are a few pictures from Diaper Cakes & Other Makes.



If your looking for a Diaper Cake for your next Baby Shower or Event, check out Diaper Cakes & Other Makes facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/trendzeventplanning#!/pages/Diaper-cakes-other-makes-by-Krystina-Hick/169934359716124.  Krystina Hick makes beautiful diaper cakes:)


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