I attended an Edwardian Re-enactment Wedding at the Rutherford House.  It was really neat and I got a glimpse into the lives of The Rutherford’s and how they lived back in 1915.  Alexander Rutherford was the first premier of Alberta and was responsible for the creation of the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  The Rutherford’s built this house during his time as premier and was hoping it was going to be the house where all premier’s would live during their term, however he was forced to resign right before moving into the house.  This house sits on the campus of the University of Alberta.

The Front of The Rutherford House

This would be a fabulous place for small private function or cocktail party or for a small intimate wedding ceremony and small intimate wedding reception.  The beautiful front yard has lots of flowers and would be an ideal place for wedding photos.

Some Flowers

The Garden

This Garden Space would be ideal for that outdoor wedding that you have always dreamed about

Here is a little recap on the Re-enactment Edwardian Wedding.   It was taken place on July 19, 1915 during the World War in Europe.  The Wedwell and Truhart families enjoy a brief happy  reprieve upon the upcoming nuptials of their children.  The younger Wedwell son went missing in action overseas and was presumed dead; which he was the former fiance of the bride (Miss. Truhart).  She had consented to marry his brother to solidify the family bond, but longs for her lost Robert.  The Older Wedwell Son, Samuel was engaged to Miss Truhart’s servant.  During the ceremony right before the I Do’s, Robert comes back from War to stop the wedding.  It ends up in a double wedding ceremony and everyone lives happily ever after!

The priest

Rosalie Truhart & Samuel Wedwell

The Double Wedding Ceremony

Robert Wedwell & His Bride

Samuel Wedwell & His Bride (The Servent)

The Happy Couples

I got a tour of the whole house and took some pictures

The Pantry

The Dining Room

The Study

The Kitchen and Old Stove

The Top of The Stairway

The Daughter's Room

The Staircase

Mr. & Mrs. Rutherford's Bedroom

Another View of The Staircase

**photos taken by Erin Montgomery**


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